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On-site clinical services are delivered by a passionate team of Clinical Companions.  All Clinical Companions are certified and authorized independent partnering clinicians from the community, but they are further versed in delivering culturally-sensitive, empathetic, and humanistic care at AMPHS.  Your Clinical Companion may be a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse, pharmacist, emergency medical services provider, or AMPHS community health worker based on your unique needs.  Clinical Services are offered in the following departments:

General Primary Care / Preventive Health

Routine wellness and physical exam followed by counseling on lifestyle choices, social behaviors, nutrition, exercise, medication compliance, and other general health topics.

Cardiovascular Health
Comprehensive screenings including body-mass index and/or waist circumference; auscultations of the heart; assessing heart rate and rhythm; eletrocardiograms; and associated laboratory services.

Respiratory Health
Auscultations of the heart; assessing respiratory rate and rhythm, oxygen saturation, spirometry, and lung capacity.

Ocular / Vision Health

Assessing visual acuity, pupillary & accommodation reflex, oculomotor function and risk of macular degeneration and color vision deficiency.

Neurological Health

Screenings and counseling for risk of memory decline, cognitive functioning, dementia & Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

Mental Health

Screenings and counseling for depression, anxiety, addiction, and substance abuse*.

Oral / Dental Health

Dental health counseling; oral cancer screenings*; and general oral health screening.

Women's Health

Mammogram*; referrals for Papanicolaou (Pap) smear*; Reproductive health counseling

Infectious Diseases

Screening for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis*; and influenza vaccinations*.

Laboratory Services

Comprehensive screening for glucose & HbA1c, total cholesterol and lipid panels, and blood ketone.

Services marked with an asterisk (*) are offered in conjunction with our partner organizations rather than our independent partnering licensed individuals who offer all other listed clinical services.  While AMPHS performs health screenings, other follow up clinical services are offered not by AMPHS directly but by our independent professionals who practice on site at AMPHS.

To prepare for your Clinical Services appointment, please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  In most cases, it is fine to eat and drink on the morning of your appointment, but for the most accurate screening results, try not to eat or drink anything an hour before your appointment.  Also refrain from engaging in strenuous and labor-intensive activity within two hours prior to your appointment.  Wear comfortable clothing - you may be asked to remove bulky and thick garments.  Please make sure to complete all the forms and information requests if we have sent them to you.

When you come in, you will be greeted in your language of choice by a Health Advocate who will introduce you to AMPHS and what to expect for your visit.  Your Health Advocate will also accompany you throughout your entire visit and serve as your language interpreter if needed.  You will first complete some paperwork and take a picture with us for your medical records (this is only stored in our secure system for us to remember who you are to better serve you next time).  Please let your Health Advocate know if you have any concerns immediately.  

During your appointment with your Clinical Companion, you may be asked to perform a variety of tasks like sitting down, standing up, and laying down.  You may also have a small sample of blood taken from your finger tip and have your mouth swabbed.

Book your Clinical Services appointment by clicking the button above.  It will open a new page with a calendar.  Just scroll to the next available week with open appointment slots and select the time that works for you.  (PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking both a Clinical Services and a Social Services appointment, you MUST book a Social Services appointment at a time that is after the Clinical Services appointment. Social Services appointment for new cases that require Clinical Services first but are booked before the Clinical Services appointment time will be canceled and rebooked at the next available time.  In almost all cases, we can also secure a Social Services appointment following your Clinical Services appointment.)  Input the requested information to submit your appointment.  Please note that to access the appointment calendar, you will need a Gmail account (free).  This is to ensure and verify that we can receive your information over a secure platform, and to allow us to send you appointment confirmations, reminders, and online intake forms prior to your appointment to help streamline your experience with us.