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  • “Partaking in CPTP was a career-defining moment for me.  I am a mid-career executive working in the finance industry and have been thinknig about going back to school to enter medicine.  But I know nothing about healthcare and was looking for something that immerses me in various aspects of the field.  CPTP did exactly just that for me, and confirmed the big decision to switch my career to medicine.  Thank you for offering this unique  experience!”

    COREY B.
    CPTP Participant, Finance Executive
  • “The instructors were all incredibly patient and understanding. They really want you to do well and it was so clear that they care about you getting as much out of the program as possible. I wish I had them for my prerequisite science courses. The courses themselves were really insightful, and I liked the variety of electives in the program. One week we were talking about the biochemistry of pharmacology, then the next week public health research, then clinical skills lab, then health law and policy. It was really fun to explore all these topics. ”

    CPTP Participant, Senior
  • “I can't believe that there is an opportunity like CPTP to give college students like me the chance to earn actual clinical certifications and learn directly from healthcare professionals. Just in my second year of college, I already hold 5 certifications from CPTP and now I am able to use those certifications to work in a clinical department in the hospital. Whenever the doctors do patient rounds, I actually understand what they are saying now!”

    CPTP Participant, Sophomore