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Our social services are delivered by a dedicated team of Social Service Case Managers.  All of our Case Managers are trained in delivering culturally-sensitive, empathetic, and humanistic care at AMPHS.  Your Case Manager may be a social worker, counselor, case worker, or community health worker based on your unique needs.  Social Services are offered in the following areas:

Health Access & Coverage

Review free and low-cost healthcare options near you; counseling on Medicare, Medicaid, NYS Emergency Medicaid, and navigating the health insurance marketplaces / Exchanges; reviewing eligibility for health coverage plans and options; assisting with Medicaid appeals, spend-down, and other case-specific issues.

Prescription Medication Assistance
Assistance with prescription drug discounts to help you comply with your treatment plan.

Prescription Corrective Lenses
Obtaining free prescription corrective lenses for uninsured immigrants.  A Clinical Services appointment to screen for visual acuity is required prior to this Social Service appointment.

Smoking Cessation
Initial counseling and support; referral options for ongoing therapy and rehabilitation.

Substance Abuse Therapy & Rehabilitation
Initial counseling and support; referral options for ongoing therapy and rehabilitation.

Immigration & Citizenship Status

Counseling on immigration status and its relation to specific health access options; discussing referral options for further in-depth legal counseling.

Identification Card Assistance
Application for IDNYC, New York City's municipal ID card for free government-issued identification.

Welfare Benefits, Social Security Benefits, and Other Governmental Assistance

Reviewing and researching options / eligibility for government benefit programs; assistance with applications and case follow up.

Social & Environmental Conditions

Additional social and environmental concerns such as housing, transportation, family planning, safety, domestic violence and abuse, etc.

To prepare for your Social Services appointment, please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Please make sure to complete all the forms and information requests if we have sent them to you.  Remember to bring all relevant and necessary documentation related to your case.  In most cases, we will let you know what to bring in.  But if you have any doubts or are not able to reach us for any reason, bring the document with you anyway.  Common documentation required include the following:

          1)  Identification Card (government-issued ID such as Driver's License or IDNYC)

          2) Proof of Income or Proof of Support from Family Member

          3) Proof of Address such as Utility Bills for the past six months

          4) Household Size and Total Household Income

If you don't have any of the required documentation, we will help you figure out what other options could be.  Just let us know what you have and do not have.

When you come in, you will be greeted in your language of choice by a Health Advocate who will introduce you to AMPHS and what to expect for your visit.  Your Health Advocate will also accompany you throughout your entire visit and serve as your language interpreter if needed.  You will first complete some paperwork and take a picture with us for your records (this is only stored in our secure system for us to remember who you are to better serve you next time).  Please let your Health Advocate know if you have any concerns immediately.  

During your appointment with your Social Services Case Manager, you will be asked basic demographic questions and more detailed questions depending on your specific case.  Your Social Services Case Manager may review your Clinical Services report to understand your health status and what needs to be done, confer with your Clinical Companion, and will assist you with procuring and reviewing any follow up paperwork required.

Book your Social Services appointment by clicking the button above.  It will open a new page with a calendar.  Just scroll to the next available week with open appointment slots and select the time that works for you.  (PLEASE NOTE: If you are booking both a Clinical Services and a Social Services appointment, you MUST book a Social Services appointment at a time that is after the Clinical Services appointment.  Social Services appointment for new cases that require Clinical Services first but are booked before the Clinical Services appointment time will be canceled and rebooked at the next available time.  In almost all cases, we can also secure a Social Services appointment following your Clinical Services appointment.)  Input the requested information to submit your appointment.  Please note that to access the appointment calendar, you will need a Gmail account (free).  This is to ensure and verify that we can receive your information over a secure platform, and to allow us to send you appointment confirmations, reminders, and online intake forms prior to your appointment to help streamline your experience with us.