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AMPHS provides a full portfolio of training programs in Emergency Cardiovascular Care and Life Support for healthcare professionals and students in the health professions. All of our trainings lead to national certification and meet most, if not all, licensure, board certification, and other authorization guidelines. Certifications are valid for two years unless otherwise stated. AMPHS is an American Heart Association certified Training Site, and all of our Training & Education programs are conducted under the standards of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and the American Heart Association.  We have received recognition for our teaching and continue to uphold a high level of student engagement and satisfaction in all of our courses.  Read our Testimonials to learn what our students had to say about us.

For healthcare professionals, we offer:

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers - 5.5 hour Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certification course. Please email for more information.

HeartSaver First Aid - 4.5 hour certification course on a variety of medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies. Please email for more information.

Pet First Aid for Dogs & Cats - 5 hour AMPHS certification course on CPR and First Aid response for small, medium, and large canines and felines. Please email for more information.

For students, we offer:

Clinical Practice Training Program (CPTP) - 10 week certification course providing pre-health and post-baccalaureate students with an intensive health professions school immersion experience covering clinical skills, cardiology, medical & trauma emergencies, patient case studies, public health, health policy, and other elective topics. Please visit our dedicated CPTP site to learn more and register.


AMPHS offers free community workshops and one-on-one education on topics ranging from disease management and prevention to healthcare access. Workshops are offered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese and may coordinated with an associated health screening or activity. Examples of past workshops include:

Disease Management

Blood Pressure Management and Screening
Diabetes Management and Prevention
Podiatric Complications in Diabetes Patients
Eating a Nutritious and Balanced Meal
Reading Food Labels
Preserving Your Vision: Indications for Eye Health
Breast Health, Mammograms and Self-Breast Exams
Exercising Your Brain: Brain Health and Dementia Prevention

Health Access

Obamacare and You
Immigrant Health Access Options
Paid Sick Leave and Your Rights

Emergency Preparedness

Basic Lifesaving Skills: Hands-Only CPR
Basic Lifesaving Skills: First Aid for Common Pediatric Emergencies
Mental Health First Aid

Please check our Program Calendar for upcoming workshops and educational programs. In the past, we have held our public education events at facilities such as community centers, senior centers, and religious organizations. Please contact if your agency or organization is interested in hosting an AMPHS health workshop or collaborating on a health program.


  • “I had been considering medical school for a while, but didn't know if it was right for me. I enrolled in the Clinical Training Practice Program and that was one of the best decisions I made in college. It is also one of the most valuable experiences any student can get while an undergrad. The courses were difficult, but the instructors delivered the material in a way that sparks your intellectual curiosity. They gave you real life patient scenarios that they went through themselves and challenged you to come up with treatment plans and alternatives beyond what you thought you could handle. I wish I had them for all my undergrad classes and my MCAT prep course too! ”

    Amy B.
    Prehealth Student
  • “I have attended BLS and First Aid training for over a decade and it has become a drag to recertify every two years. This year, I decided to recertify with AMPHS on the advice of a colleague, and I was extremely impressed.  You could really tell the instructor cared for each student and wanted you to succeed.  AMPHS also kept the class size quite small so you instantly became friends with your peers and the instructor.  Most of all, I actually walked away from the class learning something new even though I had been taking this certification course for 10+ years!”

    Dorian K.
    Practicing Physician
  • “I attended several AMPHS community seminars on healthy aging, nutrition, and emergency response. It was really fun - the facilitators keep us engaged and took a personal approach when delivering the workshop. Even though I never learned CPR before, I walked away feeling confident I can actually save a life. The teachers never rushed us if we took longer than usual to learn a skill, their main concern was that we felt confident with the clinical knowledge. They made it a personal mission to make sure I mastered the entire sequence of performing CPR before I left their classroom, and just their approach made me want to learn it even more.”

    Herminia G.
    Community Member